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17 minutes & counting.

August 4, 2009

life in the fast lane.

surprise surprise danica patrick jr., got her first ever speeding ticket & yep i admit it, i cried, but not in front of that billie!, i cried when he left and then to my parents over the phone the rest of the way to willysburg. With my sidekick K [where else but by my side] reading over the details in the passenger seat making sure i wasn’t indeed RD’ed & my mom in the phone going ‘honey, i think we can all agree that this is long overdue’


i am more than ready to move back to williamsburg this week.
even though i won’t officially be there until the 21st for good.
anywho i’m giving up my off-off-campus single bedroom with a pool to live the life of a true artist [and have my rent far less] above a coffee shop that’s just well sort of off campus. my roommate is pretty awesome too.

this summer has been a fun one even while taking classes & working.

it just sets the tone for the upcoming year; with 2 self-starting jobs, 16 credits, sowhorerity rush, & dance we’re about to find out how hectically insane [insane as in ‘awesomelycrazyfunstress’] being 20 can be.

if i could meet one person in the world RIGHT f*cking now. it’d have to be scott mescudi. peep this Complex interview and i dare you to tell me you don’t respect this man:


the best things in life are $2,000:

my life as a shoe