sweet summertime in williamsburg..

..virginia, not to be confused with awesome new york. no hipsters here.

i am currently underage.

& first of all: it’s not a manpurse, it’s a satchel; indiana jones wore one.

so The Hangover[movie] is quite possibly one of the best movies i’ve seen in a while, that nigga alan is the man. speaking of hangovers how you ever woken up in a bed full of rice? note to self: chinese food is not, i repeat IS NOT, user-friendly @ 3am. bowl of chicken&rice + the overconsumption of normally harmless substances = waking up in southeast asia. dyn-o-mite. i’m sticking to the microwaveable white castle burgers that they now conveniently sell in Bloom[grocerystore]. bitchin.

i would also like to take the time to apologize to who so ever owned an oversized bag of sour cream/cheddar baked ruffles and a delicious frozen chocolate bunny that somehow star trekked their way into my apartment. take it up with Chris Pine[actor].

off to vah beach in the am with some comrades, if i wake up, because i just realized my pilot light is out. awesome.

audi/outtie[emphasizingtheplayonwords] like four circles.

love, peace, & jenise.


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