-it’s wild i never knew that stood for estimated time of arrival until i was 19.

& i’m back in willamsburg, my cousin is staying with me this time though. this summer is gonna be funny for sure.

& gotta get up and trade cars with dad in the morning all of my luggage and groceries wouldn’t fit in my tiny lil acura.

& also i should probably drop off my rent check tommorrow seeing as how it’s due on the first.

& i wish i could get to sleep at a decent hour every once in a while. [preferably soon since i have effing art at 8:50 am mon-fri starting in two days, yay life]

& tonight K [my cousin] got my living room dvd surround sound to work my life just got amps better 🙂 and yes i cranked that shit all the way up to eleven [all my neighbors hate me]

& what did i watch you ask? twilight. yep that silly a$$ vampire movie but you know what? it wasn’t silly it was bomb [special effects out this world] AND my momma got it for my bday when i didn’t even ask for it so ha.

& then i half rewatched hitman mostly to hear the gunshots in dolby digital. sicknasty.

& there was one of those weird wall spiders crawling on my bed when i came in 😦 i killed it all by myself too asher roth style. {reference for those who think slowly}

&12:56 i’m actually kinda sleepy, surprise.

& this one time during the 2 weeks i spent in halifax, where the internet moves at the speed of lent accumulating on carpet over time, i played mahjong titans so much that i started dreaming in mahjong tiles. it was tight.

& red hair = i was excited because even though i’m black i always wanted to pretend i was the little mermaid sometimes. yay.

& 12:58? yep i am definitely sleepy.


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